Maybe his folks should have named him Art instead
of Gregory.

He’s made a lot of it. Even as a little kid, Gregory
couldn’t wait to become an artist. The only
question was, what kind?

He was drawing from the time he could grip a
pencil. He pursued visual art of every kind as a kid,
then majored in advertising and design in college.
He supported himself as a painter, a talent inherited
from his grandfather, who supported a family of nine
as an artist.

Gregory's an accomplished commercial and art photographer. He’s worked for over 20 years as an
art director in advertising.

Heck, he’s even co-concepted and illustrated a wildly-popular, soon-to-be-smash-hit animated series called Kounter Kulture.

It seems that after all these years the “what kind?” question might finally have been answered. The answer? “All of the above.”